Trinity United Methodist Church Merchantville, NJ - Latest Blog Comments en-us Welcome to the Trinity Blog - JONGHYUK LEE <p>May I request prayer on here? </p> <p>Please pray for the North Korea's four types of peoples <br /> <br />1) Pregnant women who fall into the north korean prison camp, by force abortioned by kicking belly, by force abortion operations , by opening bellies directly by knives of officials (like people of Ammon did to child in Gilead) , by Neolttwigi(like Korean-seasaw) on her belly by other two prisoners , by force labor, by longtime giving shape of the 'hands of the clocks' which official ordered (until fetus is dropped with blood discharge) , by force injection to her abdomen, and please also pray for me about 'smashing their belly with lumber of officials'... <br /> <br />2) And fetuses in her .. which should die without any resistance <br /> <br />3) And disables,and disable babies who should forced to carry ' 49th ward ' (also some of them sent to North Korea concentration camp slave labor), killed and used as a guinea pig</p> <p>4) And Small children , everyday suffering 12 hours hard ((coal mine)) labor, night beaten by other adult prisoners , night sleep at a square meter toilet because they have no power,eating mouse head remnant which adult prisoners have eaten and remained (because they only have 600g corn for food per a day) <br /> <br />more informations please watch the Youtube below , Thank you. <br /><a href=""></a></p> <p>(In addition lately we have some information from faithful sources that because *these concentration camp is submitted to the United Nations Security Council so Kim Jong-un is genociding the people inside North Korea prison camp, so please pray for me that Kim Jong-un stop genocide the people inside the North Korea prison camps) </p> <p>Address : ..801,1603Dong,LH Samsong Apt.,669,Wonheung-dong,Deogyang-gu,Goyang-si,Gyeonggi-do,Korea </p> Sun, 29 Jan 2017 23:37:07 -0600 /blog/entry/883351/welcome-to-the-trinity-blog#comment4321552